*New* 99k Ultimate Exp Cubes injection Per video above. Do note that this is a 1 time use to immediately level all your unlocked heroes to level 300. Upon completing your very next quest, it will revert to the cap of 999. Contact me for more details.

Dear Hero, if you are sick of the RNG and grind of Rainbow ISO-8 and wish to customise, I am able to help you add them in, like video above.

Click below to see the list of skills and values you can add into a AA+5 Rainbow ISO-8

On top of ISO-8, I'll top up all your XP Cubes and Ability Orbs to 999, Credits to 999 Million and Shield Tokens to 999k 

Ability Enhancement Points are progression bound! You get them from leveling up your Heroes and clearing infinity rift goals. Thus I will not be adding them into your save.

1) Contact me through via the below

2) Paypal donate. Below are my rates (updated 26 Apr 2020)

Minimum donation per edit : USD 30

  • 99K Ultimate Exp Cubes injection (1 Use) : USD $40

  • AA+5 Rainbow ISO-8 (3 skills per ISO) : USD $3 Each

  • AA+5 White ISO-8 (Team XP, Rainbow Drop Rate) : USD 1 Each

  •  Special B Grade Overpowered EP ISO : USD $10 Each

Note : There is only 1 available in game. I can clone more for you​. Unlimited EP on equipped hero so long HP above 80% 

3) I will  need your Nintendo login email/password to access your cloud save for editing. Therefore, Please change to a temp password first.

Click this link for instructions on changing your Nintendo login password.


If you believe this is a scam, note that you can always recover your password by resetting it via your own email. Your save data inside your switch remains untouched.

4) Backup your MUA3 save into cloud and disable further cloud backup for now

5) Let me work my magic, I'll notify you once its complete.

6) *Do not start the game yet* Go download the new save from cloud, enable your auto backup, then start your game

7) Please remember to change your login password after to lock me out.